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Hi, I'm Toby Feakin and one of my biggest passions is telling stories and in particular using the screen to create incredible experiences. Recently I have completed directing and editing my first feature film "Duplicity Strife" which has been sent to festivals around Australia and the world.

Throughout the past few years I have made many short films and have edited videos for the 120k+ sub Youtube channel “MadDBZ”. I am also fond of other types of storytelling such as theatre and have taken part in famous productions such as Scrooge, Wind in the Willows, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

In terms of education I have completed a Bachelor of Media Arts and recently finished a Film and TV Post-Grad in a collaboration between Matchbox Pictures/UniSA. 

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The Unlonely Trail

Adventure/Mystery Short Film (Director, Writer, Editor)

UniSA Emergencies on Campus

Safety Video to be shown to all students and staff (Editor, Sound, Graphic Elements/Transitions/Animations)

MadDBZ Videos

Did the majority of editing for two videos on this 120k Subscriber Dragonball Z fan Youtube channel. This includes most of the animations and graphics created in Premiere and After Effects.

Trends of Death

Comedy/Action Short Film (Writer, Director, Editor + CGI Elements)

Grey Girl

Drama Short Film (DOP/Editor/Assistant Director)

Bodies of the Well

Experimental Film (Inspired by Maya Deren)


Participatory Documentary


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